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Flower Patterned Nursing Clogs Sweet12

Clogs for Veterinary Feature

  • Flower Patterned Nursing Clogs Sweet12
  • Orthopedic Clogs for nursing
  • Coated genuine leather
  • Number: 36-41
  • It does not sweat, it is antibacterial
  • Brand: Ladyfalcon
  • Flower Patterned Clogs with high quality
  • Comfortable clogs
  • It is suitable for female foot anatomy
  • Polyurethane Outsole
  • Non-slip sole special design
  • Made in Turkey
  • Model cod: Sweet12
  • The foot does not tire
  • Suitable for hospital staff, chef, gardener, doctors

Clogs for Veterinary Usage Area

It is used by doctors, nurses and patient caregivers in hospitals and health centers.

It is used by chefs in restaurants

Cleaning staff use the clogs in the hotel

It is used by chemists in pharmaceutical and chemical factories.

It is suitable for use in patisseries and bakeries.

Orthopedic Flower Patterned Nursing Clogs can be used by every woman who needs it.

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