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Surgical Theatre Shoes Clogs

Falcon antistatic operating theatre room clogs are produced in 11 different colors

Theatre Room Clogs are used in Operating Theater Rooms, Laboratories, clean rooms, drug companies, electronic companies, patisseries and caterings, medical and healthcare companies.

You can watch our detailed product introduction video with subtitles.

Antistatic ESD Clog With Safety Strap AATAESD
ESD Clogs Shoes FeaturesESD value antistaticESD clogs with safety back strapColour: Gray and black2 ..
Antistatic ESD Shoes AATESD
ESD Shoes FeaturesESD value antistaticColour: Gray and black2 model with strap & without strap.W..
Autoclavable Theatre Surgical OT Shoes for Hospital AAT
Autoclavable Theatre Room Clogs FeaturesSurgical shoes for surgionsNon-slip base design.CE and ISO q..
Operating Room Shoes Surgical Clogs With Back Strap AATA
Theatre Room Clogs ShoesSurgical shoes for surgionsNon-slip base design.CE and ISO quality certified..
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