Adjustable Club Foot Split Bar

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Adjustable Club Foot Brace


Dennis Brown Splint (Ponseti Orthosis)

Dennis brown splint; It is an orthosis model that plays an important role in the treatment of children with pes equinovarus who can be adjusted to the right and left angles used with Dennis brown boots. The Dennis brown splint is prepared for use with a pev boot. The splint that is screwed from the bottom to the boot allows users to easily adjust the angle of the foot of the child.


Dennis Brown Special Adjustable Splint Features


►​ It can be adjusted 90 degrees right and left.

►​ 20 degrees can be adjusted up and down.

►​ Elongation distance up to 31 cm (When the splint is closed, its length is 18 cm)

►​ Splint weight: 250 gr

►​ Possibility to easily install Dennis brown pev boots with screws

►​ Affordable price advantage

►​ Safe use

►​ Pes is an important part of the equinovarus treatment.

►​ With the click system, shoes and splints can be easily separated and reassembled easily.

►​ It is user friendly and it is comfortable to use for both children and parents.

►​ It is only splint price and you need to order dennis brown shoes separately.

►​ It is an important part of the treatment of club foot.



Note: Prices are only for splint. Shoe is not included in the price


What is Club Foot?


Club foot (also called talipes equinovarus or dennis brown) is a general term used to describe a range of unusual positions of the foot. Each of the following characteristics can be present, and each can vary from mild to severe:


►​ The foot is generally smaller than normal foot.

►​ The foot may point downward.

►​ The front of the foot may be rotated toward the other foot.

►​ The foot may turn in, and in extreme cases, the bottom of the foot can point up.


Most types of clubfoot are present at birth (congenital clubfoot). Clubfoot can happen in one foot or in both feet. In almost half of affected infants, both feet are involved.



Also clubfoot is painless in a baby, treatment should begin immediately. Clubfoot can cause significant problems as the child grows. But with early treatment most children born with clubfoot are able to lead a normal life. Contact your doctor urgently If your baby have it.


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Product price : 299.00 USD
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