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Unisex Size
  • 35-36 ( 23.00 cm )
  • 37-38 ( 24.00 cm )
  • 39-40 ( 25.30 cm )
  • 41-42 ( 26.80 cm )
  • 43-44 ( 28.00 cm )
  • 45-46 ( 29.50 cm )


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Antistatic Shoes Features


► Best antistatic shoes for hospitals

Non-slip base design.

CE and ISO quality certified.

Antistatic properties.


Number range is 35-46

Made in one piece.

Resistant to ultra violet and gamma rays.

Don’t sweat.

Active arch support to stimulate circulation.

Clogs has orthopedic properties

Equinox-shaped air vents.

It can be autoclaved at 134º 

Washable up to 90º

► Cleanroom shoes with safey strap

Washable at 90 degrees

Color: 11 different color options

Brand: Falcon


* Please note that the floor and the cleaning material are non- slip for full performance.


How Many Times Can Autoclavable Antistatic Shoes Be Autoclaved? What are Autoclave Times?​


It can be autoclaved for 15 minutes at 121 degrees and for 3 minutes at 134 degrees flash sterilization. It can be autoclaved at least 200 times if you follow the autoclave times.

Adequate temperature, pressure and times for autoclave sterilization are 1 atm and 15 minutes at 121°C, total time 40 minutes when the device is operated empty; 2 atm and 3 minutes at 134°C, and 20 minutes when the device is operated empty.

Use with washing bag in washing machine or autoclave with shelf. If the autoclave is produced only for slippers, it can be used without a bag.





Antistatic Shoes DATA SHEET


Copolymer made of a combination of rubber slippers in one piece is 100%.

Antistatic is available on the all surface of the products

Steam autoclave resistant up to 134 degrees and can be washed at 90 degrees.

Ether, ester, alkalis, mild acids, resistant to strong acids and oils.

Ultra-violet and gamma rays, durable product.

Standing for long periods when there have to work hard by accelerating blood circulation and the massaging effect is that the tiny bubbles

Product has  up inside mounds in the antiperspirant prevents any direct contact.

The upper edge of the base has ventilation holes, which reciprocal.

Clogs top, spilled fluids (blood, secretions, such as liquids) through the holes to prevent leakage characteristics made up the cone.

Internal base orthopedic properties.

Able to influence the character of the heel pad.

Clogs pads hard and sharp objects are designed to prevent the failure of his feet.

The Sole is designed to reduce the risk of slipping

Fixed posture can go left or right.

You’re walking as soon as an outpatient.

Slippers antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial produced from raw materials. Not contain bacteria.

Odorless properties.

Maximum flexibility value is 870%.

Product has the CE Mark.

Anti-static mark on the product

Products on the institution’s preferred name, etc. written in the form of relief.

The products has one year warranty against all kinds of error manufacturing defects and workmanship.

Clogs are available in sizes 35-36, 37-38, 39-40, 41-42, 43-44, 45-46.

Color options green, light blue, saxe blue, red, yellow, black, white, orange, lilac, pink and navy blue are available.

With back strap models.


For Falcon antistatic shoes with strap we produce from number 35 to number 46, weight and length information are provided below. You can simply identify your foot number.


35-36 numara: 480 gram , 23 cm

37-38 numara: 530 gram , 24 cm

39-40 numara: 580 gram , 25,30 cm

41-42 numara: 660 gram , 26,80 cm

43-44 numara: 730 gram , 28 cm

45-46 numara: 820 gram , 29,50 cm


Where are the antistatik shoes used ?


in Operating Theatre

in Laboratories

In clean rooms

At drug companies

In electronic companies

At patisseries and caterings

Medical and healthcare companies

Factories producing electronic products (ESD Shoes)


ESD and Antistatic Ratio Comparison


ESD and Antistatic Ratio Comparison


Autoclavable Antistatic Shoes Features


Theatre Room Clogs



Importance of Antistatic Shoes ?


Antistatic shoes hold significant importance in various industries and environments where static electricity can pose risks and challenges. Here are some key reasons why antistatic shoes are essential:


  1. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection: Antistatic shoes prevent the buildup and discharge of static electricity. In workplaces with sensitive electronic equipment and devices, static electricity can cause damage or malfunction, leading to costly errors or accidents. Autoclavable antistatic shoes help dissipate static charges, reducing the risk of ESD-related incidents.

  2. Personnel Safety: Antistatic shoes enhance the safety of workers in environments where flammable substances, explosive materials, or volatile chemicals are present. By minimizing sparks and static-related hazards, these shoes help prevent accidents and protect workers from potential harm.

  3. Protection of Sensitive Equipment: In industries like electronics manufacturing, laboratories, and cleanrooms, where delicate instruments and devices are used, antistatic shoes are crucial to safeguarding the integrity of the equipment. They prevent static electricity from damaging or disrupting the functioning of sensitive components.

  4. Contamination Control: Antistatic shoes are often designed with materials that resist attracting or retaining particles and dust. In cleanrooms and other controlled environments, these shoes help maintain cleanliness, reducing the risk of contamination in critical processes.

  5. Compliance with Industry Standards: Many industries have specific safety and ESD protection regulations that require the use of antistatic footwear. Adhering to these standards is essential for maintaining a safe and controlled working environment.

  6. Longevity and Cost-Effectiveness: Antistatic shoes are often designed for durability and extended use. Their ability to protect workers and equipment, as well as reduce the risk of costly ESD-related incidents, contributes to cost savings over time.

  7. Comfort and Performance: Antistatic shoes are typically designed with comfort and support in mind, allowing workers to focus on their tasks without distractions. This is particularly important in industries that require long hours on their feet or intricate movements.


Orthopedic Antistatic shoes are essential for promoting safety, protecting sensitive equipment, maintaining clean environments, and ensuring compliance with industry standards. They are valuable investments in various workplaces, contributing to worker well-being and overall efficiency.


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Product price : 109.00 USD
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