Mens Nurses Clogs for Hospitals HD626

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Mens Slipper Size
  • 40 ( 25.80 cm )
  • 41 ( 26.40 cm )
  • 42 ( 27.10 cm )
  • 43 ( 27.70 cm )
  • 44 ( 28.40 cm )
  • 45 ( 29.00 cm )


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Mens Nursing Clogs Feature


► Nursing clogs model 

► Orthopedic sabot clogs for nursese

► Coated genuine leather

Nursing Clogs Size: Eu 40-45

► It does not sweat, it is antibacterial

► Brand: Mr. Falcon

► Mens nursing clogs with high quality

► Comfortable mens clogs

► It is suitable for mens foot anatomy

► Polyurethane Outsole

► Non-slip sole special design

► Made in Turkey

► Nursing Clogs Model code: HD-626

► Colours: red, white, navy and black

► The foot does not tire

► Suitable for hospital staff, chef, gardener, doctors

► Wide toe area

► The height of the toe part of the polyurethane sole is 1.50 cm and the heel height is 3.00 cm.


Where are Nursing Clogs used?


Men nursing clogs are used in various settings and situations for specific purposes. Here are some key points where hospital clogs are commonly used:


Nursing clogs are primarily used in healthcare settings, including:


Hospitals: Nursing clogs are commonly worn by nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals working in hospitals.

Clinics: Healthcare workers in outpatient clinics, medical offices, and specialty clinics often wear nursing clogs.

Long-Term Care Facilities: Nursing clogs are suitable for use in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and rehabilitation centers.

Surgical Environments: In operating rooms and surgical suites, nursing clogs help maintain a sterile environment and protect against spills.

Laboratories: Laboratory technicians and researchers wear nursing clogs in controlled environments.

Emergency Services: Paramedics, EMTs, and other emergency medical personnel use nursing clogs for quick footwear changes.

Cleanroom Environments: Nursing clogs are worn in cleanroom settings, where maintaining a dust-free and sterile environment is crucial.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Workers in the pharmaceutical industry often wear nursing clogs to ensure hygiene and safety.

Food Service: In some cases, nursing clogs are used in food service environments to maintain hygiene and prevent slipping in kitchens.


Nursing Clogs Usage Area


♦ It is used by doctors, nurses and patient caregivers in hospitals and health centers.

♦ It is used by chefs in restaurants

♦ Cleaning staff use the clogs in the hotel

♦ It is used by chemists in pharmaceutical and chemical factories.

♦ It is suitable for use in patisseries and bakeries.

♦ Orthopedic men nursing clogs can be used by every man who needs it.


What are the benefits of Nursing Clogs?


The benefits of nursing clogs, also known as medical clogs or nursing clogs, include:


Hygiene: Hospital clogs are often made of easy-to-clean materials, promoting a more hygienic environment in healthcare settings where cleanliness is critical.

Comfort: They are designed to provide comfort during long shifts, with cushioned insoles and arch support.

Safety: Hospital clogs often have slip-resistant soles to reduce the risk of accidents on slippery surfaces.

Ease of Use: They are quick and easy to slip on and off, which is particularly useful for healthcare professionals who need to change footwear frequently.

Durability: These clogs are built to withstand the demands of healthcare work and maintain their shape and support over time.

Ventilation: Many hospital clogs have ventilation holes to keep the feet cool and reduce moisture buildup.

Support: They provide proper arch support, which is essential for individuals on their feet for extended periods.

Reduction of Fatigue: The cushioning and support in hospital clogs help reduce fatigue and discomfort associated with long hours of standing and walking.

Variety: There are various styles and designs available to cater to the specific needs and preferences of different healthcare professionals.


Overall, hospital clogs are a valuable addition to the work attire of healthcare workers, offering both practical and functional benefits to enhance their job performance and well-being.


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Product price : 89.00 USD
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