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Post Op Shoes After Surgery Shoe OPSTY

Post Op Shoes 

Falcon Toe Post-Op Shoe provides post-op protection for forefoot trauma and stress fractures. The strapping is highly adjustable with an extendable toe closure to accommodate swelling or bulky dressings. The square toe design provides additional room and protection for the toes. Falcon’s Post-op shoes fit right or left foot. Color: Black.

  • Soft, breathable mesh upper material for comfortable wear
  • Padded heel collar for comfort and reduced irritation
  • Rigid heel counter and ankle strap keep foot securely in place
  • Bes toe design for additional toe room and protection
  • Supplied with standard inner sole

You can use it

  • After bunion and hammertoe surgery
  • After foot surgery
  • Broken foot recovery
  • After broken foot
  • after ankle surgery

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