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Post Op Shoes 

Falcon Toe Post-Op Shoe provides post-op protection for forefoot trauma and stress fractures. The strapping is highly adjustable with an extendable toe closure to accommodate swelling or bulky dressings. The square toe design provides additional room and protection for the toes. Falcon’s Post-op shoes fit right or left foot. Color: Black.

  • Soft, breathable mesh upper material for comfortable wear
  • Padded heel collar for comfort and reduced irritation
  • Rigid heel counter and ankle strap keep foot securely in place
  • Bes toe design for additional toe room and protection
  • Supplied with standard inner sole

You can use it

  • After bunion and hammertoe surgery
  • After foot surgery
  • Broken foot recovery
  • After broken foot
  • after ankle surgery


What is Post Op Shoes and When to Use ?



"Post-op shoes" are a type of specialized footwear designed to be worn by individuals after undergoing various types of foot or lower extremity surgeries. These shoes serve several purposes in the post-operative recovery process:

  1. Protection: Post-op shoes are designed to protect the surgical site and the foot as a whole. They typically have a rigid sole and a cushioned interior to minimize pressure on the healing area and reduce the risk of accidental injury.

  2. Immobilization: These shoes often have a built-in brace or support system that immobilizes the foot, ankle, or lower leg. Immobilization is essential to prevent excessive movement that could disrupt the healing process.

  3. Comfort: Post-op shoes are designed for comfort during the recovery period. They typically have adjustable straps or closures to accommodate swelling, and they provide ample cushioning to minimize discomfort.

  4. Support: Post-op shoes come with added arch support or customizable insoles to provide proper foot alignment and support, which can be crucial for individuals recovering from surgeries that affect foot structure.

  5. Ease of Use: They are easy to put on and take off, which is essential for individuals who may have limited mobility or difficulty bending down.

Common surgeries that may require the use of post-op shoes include bunionectomy (bunion removal), toe surgery, ankle surgery, and procedures that involve the insertion of hardware (such as screws or plates) into the foot or ankle. Post-op shoes are typically prescribed by a surgeon or healthcare provider based on the specific needs of the patient's recovery. They play a crucial role in ensuring a successful and comfortable recuperation period following foot or lower extremity surgery.

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Product price : 99.00 USD
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22 February 2024
Good POST Op Shoes. Thanks for quick cargo

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